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Dehner Academy

Training to become a certified business coach

Training to become a certified introvision coach

  Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne)

  Conscious and unconscious beliefs

  Conflict strategies

  Systemic approaches

  Resource Transfer (Milton Erickson) 

  Preparing for difficult conversations

  Embodiment, influence body/psyche

  Check Your Mind

  Dissolving mental blockages

Introvision coaching

Institute for Personality

Training to become a certified Reiss Motivation Profile Master

Pop Academy Mannheim 

  Contract drafting in the music industry

  Artist management

  Founding a publishing house & administration

  Viral/word of mouth marketing 

  Media training for acts/bands, image, 

  Act as a brand

Universal Music

Radio & TV promotion management

BEV Music AG

Area representative/sales

Development of sales network

Deputy Sales management

Artist tour management and tour leadership

Beatrice Egli, Pietro Lombardi, Christina Sturmer, DJ Ötzi, Michelle,

Glass Bead Game, Cascada, Ella Finally

Passenger transport certificate

Driving safety training

  Car intensive training 

  Car perfection training

Tour & Escort

Krav Maga


Take Downs & Controls

Gun threat defenses

  Active Shooter  

  Tactical emergency care  

VIP Protection Specialization​

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