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All art arises from the fact that the artist is unsure of the world. This world doesn't suit him and he doesn't fit into it, he feels alien, he believes he doesn't belong.  He tries to understand all this, to put the world in order for himself and to find the truth through music, art or writing.

(Ferdinand of Schirach)

For more than 20 years, I have been able to accompany and support nationally and internationally successful personalities from the art and media world on their media appointments, interview trips, concerts and tours. 

I also take the artistic idea into account like the individual personality and the resulting needs. Often the challenge lies in polaritybetween public proximity and privacy, authenticity and entertainment as well as the constant evaluation by the public and the resulting responsibility.

Sometimes seemwhich the interests of the market to oppose. In order to be able to create a successful cooperation here, you needit an ereal understanding of the respective interests and needs, a strong solution-oriented imagination and the unconditional intention of real values instead of creating half-hearted compromises


As a radio promotion manager at Mercury Records and DefJam / Universal Music, it was my job to get international acts on the radio.

National artists from DefJam Germany were added at times. Generate airplay, arrange off-air events, acquire, organize and supervise interviews and broadcaster trips. 

Today the focus of my work as a self-employed artist & media relations manager in the management of media events (focus on TV + radio) and as an artist tour manager in the live and touring business. 


In brand development, I define their identity together with my client. Unlike classic marketing, a personal brand - the person as a brand - is always oriented towards people, not the market.


Art and people often merge into a unity that is difficult to separate, which makes it all the more important to be able to be self-aware and therefore self-confident. Awareness of one's own identity forms the foundation on which all communication and marketing strategies are built. Only if the foundation is stable can everything on it find a firm hold, even in strong headwinds.



The life of an artist includes not only the moments in the spotlight and in front of an enthusiastic audience, but also the quiet, sometimes lonely moments in which one reflects and classifies.


​Sudden self-doubt, massive stage fright or fear of failure are not uncommon. The sensitivity and  necessary for artSensitivity doesn't make it any easier to deal with these situations.​ 


In personality development grab I use methods from Eric Berne (transactional analysis), Milton Erickson (resource transfer) and Ullrich Dehner (introvision) and, together with my client, I work out ways and options to better meet these special requirements. Classify them differently, re-evaluate them, put them into perspective and resolve any dysfunctional coping strategies and stress reactions.


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