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Instructions for mental self-regulation

(More about my personal experience with Introvision Coaching under “About me”)

If physical stress reactions prevent us from acting freely even though the mind gives us the freedom to do so, then our body reacts before our mind. An alarm “installed” in the amygdala is responsible for this, triggered by experiences and the beliefs, drivers and injunctions that arise from them. The prerequisite for this does not necessarily have to be a traumatic experience. Often there are behavioral patterns that manifest themselves in early childhood and that we unconsciously adopt into our everyday lives. Since the amygdala is located upstream of the cerebrum, we feel the stress reaction before our mind can react. It is not uncommon for a kind of fear of fear to arise. Aim of the Introvision coaching is to delete this alarm so that it is again possible to make decisions and act free of stress and fear reactions. It is not absolutely necessary to define the original reason for the reaction. Rather, the focus is on the imperative that triggers the alarm and its resolution.

The stress reaction is triggered in a state of wide perception guided by me (not hypnosis or a trance state). Through the previously practiced Attitude, the brain recognizes the lack of need for the alarm - and begins to resolve it. An audio recording of the personal instructions will be used every day for the next 7 days to completely resolve the alarm.

As simple as the method is, the preparatory work through detailed diagnostics is just as important. It was developed almost 30 years ago at the University of Hamburg - originally to help teachers reduce their stress. Ullrich Dehner developed a highly effective coaching method based on detailed diagnostics from transaction analysis according to Eric Berne. 

My training forcertified introvision coach gives me the opportunity to combine my own experiences and insights with this scientifically based coaching method and thus be able to offer a holistic coaching concept.

Introvision coaching help by

• Stress/overload

• Burnout

• Fear of failure

• Anxiety and phobias

• Panic attacks

• Lack of assertiveness

• Stage fright, performance anxiety

• Fear of flying / heights and similar

• Inability to differentiate oneself from others

• Feeling personally taken too quickly

• Uncontrolled aggressiveness 

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