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In 2011, I was briefly paralyzed from the head down due to a treatment error in my cervical spine. I had to be given external ventilation and was flown in the rescue helicopter to the nearest university clinic, where I was operated on shortly afterwards. The state of absolute loss of control, the dependence on a manually operated resuscitator and being so directly confronted with the end of my own life did something to me.


Today I would say that an alarm was installed in my amygdala that would keep me very busy for the next few years and massively affect my quality of life. I experienced massive physical stress reactions in apparently harmless everyday situations. Car rides, train rides and especially flights (and I had a few of those a year) became an absolute stress test for me. My hands became clammy and began to shake, my voice became brittle, beads of sweat began to collect on my forehead, my heart began to beat uncontrollably and I could no longer breathe. It got to the point that I was admitted to the university clinic again with a suspected heart attack (which luckily wasn't confirmed). 


EMDR treatment gave me only moderate relief. Although my stress reactions decreased when traveling, I now experienced physical stress in other situations. For example during introductions. Whether at work in front of the whole team, at a parents' evening at school or simply in a relaxed atmosphere. The time until I came up with my idea was absolute horror for me. The stress level felt like it was rising every second. It's hardly possible that the others didn't notice. And that thought multiplied my already powerful stress reactions. 


If something didn't work right away, I immediately felt an inner tension that got stronger the longer the situation lasted. Instead of dissipating, the reactions strengthened and the frequency constantly increased. It was only years later that, through introvision coaching, I was able to completely free myself from the recurring stress reactions and lead a self-determined life again. 

Introvision coaching.


And not with the idea that I could slip up in an interview, have a blackout during a presentation or not be able to do something, but with the idea that something could go “wrong” at my next visit to the doctor. Crazy.

  I was surprised at how quick the introvision wasshowed its effectOver the last few years I had tried in vain to change my condition using a variety of methods.

I was finally able to lead a self-determined life again.

That's when I became aware of the influence our subconscious has on us and what we can change - if we work specifically on it. 


I know that many of us suffer from similar stress reactions. The prerequisite for this does not necessarily have to be a traumatic experience. Often there are behavioral patterns that manifest themselves in early childhood and that we unconsciously adopt into our everyday lives. And at some point we actually think “that’s just how we are”. With nieces. Each of us has the ability to detach yourself from your enlisted stress reactions. 


I'm excited about what we can change.


And if I am passionate about something then I want to inspire those around me about it too. My training as a psychological coach, introvision coach and as a Reiss Motivation Profile Master enables me to combine my own experiences and insights with scientifically validated coaching methods and thus offer a holistic coaching concept.

My goal is to support others in being able to free themselves from their stress reactions, to be able to decide and act freely again and thus noticeably improve their own quality of life. 


After a detailed diagnosis, I would like to give you tools and methods to better meet your personal challenges, classify them differently, re-evaluate them, put them into perspective and resolve any dysfunctional coping strategies.

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