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Your psychological DNA:
The Reiss Motivation Profile

What really motivates you? Power, money, family, recognition? What ultimately makes you happy and satisfied? They are your life motives. And these life motives can be made visible: with the help of the life motive analysis              Reiss Motivation Profile®.
Motives in life are “ultimate motives”, i.e. “final purposes” of human actions. Each of the 16 life motives occurs to a certain extent in every person. Nevertheless, the individuals differ in the strength of their expression and the constellation of motives - an individual fingerprint of the “core of the personality”.

Anyone who gets to know their motivation profile and that of their partner, employees, colleagues, superiors and customers in more detail can gain valuable insights into their own personality and the personality of others. 

As a certified Reiss Motivation Profile® Master, I will help you better understand who you really are, what moves and drives you deep down. By aligning your life with your motives in life, you create the basis for a happy and fulfilled life. Knowing why and what you do something for makes you more motivated and efficient, gives you more self-confidence and self-assurance and improves your leadership skills as a manager.

The data required for the evaluation is collected by answering an online questionnaire; the evaluation is carried out in a personal conversation (online, by telephone or in person). In addition, you will receive a detailed written evaluation of your determined life motives. This means you have access to your personal evaluation at any time and can become more aware of your motives in everyday situations.

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