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I started after training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk and working as a self-employed event manager in the field sales force at BEV Music AG, an indie label in Frankfurt. Over time, my area of responsibility grew, and in addition to deputy sales management, I also took on tasks in music promotion and supporting our artists during TV appearances and radio interviews.


I moved to the industry leader Universal Music in Hamburg and was from then on responsible for radio promotion and support of international acts. When Universal Music moved to Berlin, I decided to move back to Frankfurt. After a short stint at a POS marketing agency, inquiries from former colleagues resulted in me becoming self-employed in the area of radio promotion and artist support. For the next 20 years I was able to accompany and support countless nationally and internationally successful personalities from the world of music and media on their media appointments and interview trips. Over time, I also gained a foothold in the live industry and coordinated concerts and tours as a tour leader and tour manager. 


As an artist tour manager, I specialize in the personal support of music artists, starting with the transfer as a driver with a passenger transport license, through the coordination and support of all upcoming appointments and escorting them at public performances.


One of the big challenges in this broad area of activity was the diversity of personalities with which one had to deal. In order to be able to create a successful cooperation here, a real understanding of the respective interests and needs, a strong solution-oriented imagination and the unconditional intention to create real values instead of half-hearted compromises were needed. 



I am people-oriented. I am interested in how we “function” and interact with each other - what motivates and drives us, how we deal with events, how we better understand ourselves and others and how we can develop positively and achieve our goals.  


My strengths lie in inspiration and persuasion, in improvisation and freedom of action. I don't like routine tasks, and tasks that are too small are also not my thing.

Influence, competition and independence are my natural motivation.

When I compete it's to win. Giving up is not an option. I believe in the opportunity, even if it is not visible at the moment.

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