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Sometimes you need someone with whom you can exchange and further develop thoughts and ideas without reservation and without restrictions. With whom you can look for solutions together and discover new perspectives and points of view. Someone who pinches you where it hurts. That reminds you of your original why, or helps you find it in the first place.



(If you want to lead, you must first be able to lead yourself.)

One of my main focuses in coaching is thisSelf-discovery andSelf-leadership. Self-discovery is a process towards inner freedom, spiritual independence and mental strength. This also includes dissolving mental blockages. Being self-aware creates self-confidence. This creates real strengthDecide andLead to be able to. The Reiss Motivation Profile makes the 16 individual life motives of human actions visible. 

As a certifiedReiss Motivation Profile® Master I will help you to better understand who you really are, what moves and drives you deep down. By aligning your life with your motives in life, you create the basis for a happy and fulfilled life. Knowing why and what you do something for makes you more motivated and efficient, gives you more self-confidence and self-assurance and improves yoursLeadership qualities as a manager.


 But conflict strategies and systemic approaches to action and communication structures in the private environment and in the business context are also among my coaching topics.


Requirement for successful communication it is mutualUnderstanding. Not only in terms of the content but also the motivation of my counterpart and his manner. Eric Berne's transactional analysis helpsUnderstand people better and to be able to classify their preferred onesform of communication to recognize which onesego states how they predominantly think, feel and act and how they are likely to react to certain situations and events. With this information I have the opportunityResults-oriented communication strategy to be able to develop something that is not only oriented towards the content but also towards the person I am talking to. 


Coaching takes place in person, by telephone or online. DAs a certified Business & Life Coach (psychological coaching with systemic Approaches), Reiss Motivation Profile Master and certified Introvision Coach on scientifically based coaching methods from transactional analysis (Eric Berne), resource transfer (Milton Erickson), introvision (Ullrich Dehner), and the Reiss Motivation Profile® and on systemish Approaches back.



Strategische Beratung

Sometimes the personal connection to a project prevents the clear assessment and planning of the necessary steps to implement it successfully. An open exchange of ideas, a A change of perspective or a creative impulse can help implement it or optimize the process. goals and how to achieve them necessary The aim of my advice is to clearly define measures, develop and question possible alternatives, and go through different situations and scenarios in order to gain confidence in your actions. I take psychological and systemic parameters into account equally, regardless of whether it is a business or a life project.    

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